Our story.

Here at CowDog Brew Company, we love all dogs – working dogs, lap dogs, and old dogs. We also have a passion for quality beer, so please enjoy our beer with your companion(s).

At the core of Our bark is a Hoppy brew.

CowDog Brew Company is a passion project by RCN veteran Michael Hodgson 12 years in the making. Michael has been home brewing since 2011 with the advent of the Brew Vic homebrew club. After several deployments in his 14-year career he was told he’s being put to pasture due to his injuries, so he needed to decide what to do next after his retirement.

Michael’s wife was discussing with him what he wants to do, and the topic of craft brewing came up, after that our fate was sealed. This is also where our name came from. Our rescue dog Louis has the nickname of CowDog, so we decided that was also going to be our future.

Michael Hodgson

Owner, Head Brewer

Michael joined the RCN as a Hull Technician in 2006. After years of deployments, he was injured so was given a medical retirement. He rounded out the last part of his career as a hull systems instructor.

During his time in the military, he learned that you could make beer at home, and if you pay attention enough it tastes good. This is where the recipes that we use comes from, over a decade of trial and error in his free time. He rescued the CowDog in 2015, and after years of training has become a pretty good dog owner. He eventually did something he never thought he would do, and that is get married. He married Samantha (twice technically) in 2020, then again in front of family in 2022 in Hawaii.

Michael is excited for you to try his beer, and for the quality and passion to keep you as a repeat customer.

Louis aka CowDog

Chief Treat Tasting Officer

He is a 12-year-old rescue mutt (Cattle dog, Am staph) that was rescued in 2015. He has come a long way as a malnourished street dog afraid of everything, to the current old boy who loves to run until Michael needs to spend a few hundred dollars at the vet……

He loves treats, scratches, tearing up his toys, and peeing on things. He hates loud noises, the rain, bath time, and late dinner.The connection that Louis and Michael have is the definition of “who rescued who.”

Friends of CowDog.

With the help of our trusty CowDog pack, we’re on a mission to working towards our mission to unite hoomans and pooches together over a cold brew. Together, we’re making tails wag and humans smile!

Cowdog Merchandise.

Check out our swag tailored to our dedicated beer enthusiasts, and join the Cowdog Brewing community in style!