Committed to TAIL WAGGING quality beer.

Taking Inspiration from herding and working dogs. CowDog Brew Co.Taking Inspiration from herding and working dogs. CowDog Brew Co.

Our Beers.

Crafting delicious and quality beer made with the finest ingredients so every brew has its own unique flavour that promises to satisfy any enthusiast’s palate.

Head Tilt

Pale Ale

An easy to drink Pale Ale with some nice citrus notes Enjoy after a day of work/study/play. Goes great with good company!

Big Teefs


Big Teefs IPA is the beer that goes great with the perfect patch of grass, just be sure to bring enough so you donโ€™t need to get up. Enjoy our bold citrus treat with Cascade, Cashmere, Mosaic, and dry hopped with Sabro hops.

Ayrshire Dark Ale

Dark Ale

CowDogs and Cattle go together like dark malts and hops. Our Ayrshire Dark Ale, similar to the CowDog and Ayrshire cattle, is medium bodied.

Two Loaves

Wheat Beer

Our easy to drink Wheat beer, is light and fluffy, just like a Corgi’s money maker. Best enjoyed during or after an adventure. When they give you that look, try and keep up.


Who we are.

Here at CowDog Brew Company, we love all dogs – working dogs, lap dogs, and old dogs. We also have a passion for quality beer, so please enjoy our beer with your companion(s).

get your paws on our beer.

Our beer is now available in store and we’re adding more every day! Give us a try, and ask for us by name in store if you can’t find us on the shelf.


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